Artist statement for the installation Grey Area
 Jessica Barnett DeCuir

Grey Area is a corporeal, psychological space; that which involves the viewer in a distorted view of the medical apparatus in
relation to the human body. My installation magnifies a darker perception of healing tools/devices as torture instruments which probe and invade vulnerable bodies. I have created a  "clinical" setting as a site for intervention into the mind and anatomy. A site where a surgical procedure, and its supposed sterility can be questioned, as well as the body's connection/opposition to the medical apparatus.

Grey Area  infiltrates the darker psyche, exposing the body/apparatus as an uncomfortable and painful dissonance; a place where no specific malady exists - only the transient, grey area between black and white; darkness and light, pain and healing, beauty and ugliness.

Grey Area is a mood, a condition of the mind/body, rather than a color. The installation is a space for the viewer to contemplate personal and universal experiences of probing, examination, magnification; body invasion.

Grey Area exists as a transitory realm, like the mute space of a dream or memory; between the material and immaterial - enclosed therein.


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